What people are saying

ScottE Software has completely developed and managed our company’s website (Atlantic Distribution Group) and social media accounts for over a year now.  The website Scott designed is much more professional and user friendly, than our previous provider, which is the feedback we’ve received from our customers!  He has also designed and manages our social media site’s which has been a huge success. 

ScottE Software has saved my company roughly 60% of costs and fees to design and manage our website over the past year.

Kevin Howell , Hanover, Maryland

“I would recommend Scott to anyone who wants to use social media as a platform to progress their business. He has been a great support in moving my business forward. He provided an easy way to maneuver my website and provided excellent feedback on areas of growth. As a result of Scott’s skills and support, my business has grown and I have received out of state opportunities to share my expertise.”


Tiffani Dilworth

Scott expertly transitioned my outdated website (www.cloudninevideo.com) to WordPress, and explained everything about it to me so I can maintain it myself going forward. He patiently answered all my questions and he really knows his stuff! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Scott to anyone seeking to set up, update, or handle every aspect of a company website!

Alexandra Duffy

Scott is doing a fantastic job managing The Pick Me Up Foundation website and social media efforts.   Our exposure has increased dramatically and the Foundation’s growth is in large part to Scott’s efforts

Brian Reed , Columbia, Maryland

ScottE Software made my website beautiful. He was very efficient and effective with the decision making process regarding the website. I felt involved in the creation and he made everything seem easier. The new website is much more professional then the previous and I have gotten more views than before. I appreciate everything Scott has done so far in order for me continue growing my business!

Visit www.thesouthernindulgence.com

Candance Willett , Silver Spring, Maryland