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Howard County Phones VoIP Internet

Are you paying to much for your current phone system and not sure what to do? Let ScottE Software help reduce your telecommunications costs and bring in more features that benefit your small business.

We partner with local VoIP providers to bring you the “right” solution for your business. We focus on local partnerships to ensure that you have a vendor that is responsive and available when your business is open.

Our partners Hosted VoIP business phone systems are tailored to meet your specific business needs and goals.Their fail safe technology transmits voice, video, and data without the use of dated landlines and PBX systems. Their secure network maintains uptime with zero dropped calls due to natural disasters that would leave traditional phone users without service. Their business class Internet phones offer advanced voice and data features including color touch screens, free local and long distance calling, and full mobility with our “plug and play” option allowing users to plug their “desk” phone in anywhere using the same number.

Key Features