Mobile Applications

Mobile app development is how ScottE Software Development started back in 2011.

Mobile applications can change your relationship with customers and your field personnel.

Imagine what an affordable custom app can do for you:

  • Help your sales people make sales
  • Help your field personnel deliver convenient service more easily
  • Ensure all of your employees can access E-catalogs
  • Build customer loyalty

ScottE Software Development works with numerous mobile app developers and partners in order to create the “right” app for your business or product. Our developers and partners help with design, coding and publishing your mobile app and are there for future enhancements.

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Below is an example of some of the mobile apps created by ScottE Software Development:


VTE Global – Android App and (Retired) iPhone App

VTE Global is a corporation born from nationally signed rock & roll group – “Vs. The Earth”. An international conglomerate dedicated to the idea that music is not only life, it’s a lifestyle. Music, Clothing, Liquor, and all other things Rock and Roll!

Use the OFFICIAL APP to keep up to date on ALL things VTE!
Don’t just ACT like a rockstar: BE ONE.

Vols Fan 2011 & Vols Fan 2012

RETIRED – iPhone and iPad app

A fan app create for the University of Tennessee football program. This app had 7,673 downloads and 1,900 update downloads in two years in the Apple iTunes store.

The app ranked as high as #235 sports app for iPhones (Sept 2012) and ranked as high as #92 sports app for iPads (Oct 2011)

Bonnie Branch Middle School

RETIRED –  iPhone and iPad app

This app was created by a Shelby Ewart for her middle school. The app had many features like access to teacher pages, school calendar, school contact information and much more. This app had a total of 368 downloads and 135 update downloads.

The app ranked as high as #486 reference app for iPhones (Jan 2012)

Dan Bongino for US Senate

RETIRED – iPhone, iPad and Android app

The official campaign apps for the Dan Bongino for U.S. Senate (Maryland) campaign. The apps had a total of over 250 downloads and 80 update downloads.

Mia Love for US Congress

RETIRED – iPhone app

This app was created for the Mia Love campaign for Congress (Utah – 4th) in 2012. This app had a total of 52 downloads.

Larry Smith for US Congress

RETIRED – iPhone app

The official campaign app for the Larry Smith campaign for Congress (Maryland 2nd) during the Republican primary in 2012. This app had a total of 20 downloads.